Why it's important to have a Presidential candidate who will bring Justice to the Terrorists

The 2008 Libertarian National Convention will be held in Denver, Colorado over Memorial Day weekend from May 22 to May 26, 2008 at the Sheraton Adam's Mark. Go to http://lpconvention.org/ for more details.

At this convention, we will nominate our Presidential candidate. The Libertarian Party has the best ballot access of any political party - other than the Democrats and Republicans. We'll be on at least 45 ballots. 48 is a realistic possibility. The barrier is unfair ballot access laws. Go to http://www.lp.org/index_ba08.html for complete information on the ballot access struggle caused by the Establishment Parties manipulation of our electoral process for their benefit.

But, we're still on the ballot almost everywhere. Easily enough states to win a majority - especially a mere plurality, in a three or four way race. Come on Bloomberg. I dare you.

Libertarians for Justice Event Schedule

Thursday May 22nd, 2008

Windows Ballroom 2nd Floor Tower Building

5:00 PM - Movie Showing: Improbable Collapse
6:30 PM - Michael Berger discusses 9/11 and the future of our Republic
7:00 PM - Robert McIlvaine, father of Bobby speaks about the loss of his son on 9/11 and his attempts to seek justice.
8:00 PM - Presidential candidates address 9/11 Justice

Why is it important to have a Libertarian Presidential candidate who will investigate 9/11, until we are sure beyond a reasonable doubt that the terrorists have been brought to justice?

Because mass movements require open expression. Mass movements require mass demonstration. Mass movements require action.

Political action is a valuable tool in the movement to bring justice to the victims. In fact, it is an essential tool. There are public stages that are only available to political candidates. Although the establishment parties try their best to restrict our access to those debates. I myself have been excluded from several Congressional debates where there were only three candidates in the race.

Keep reading. You'll see why.

Political speech is the last part of speech which a tyrannical government can regulate.

They can restrict cameras in Subways in New York. Here's the Bloomberg video again.

But, the last bastion of free speech. The last area of activity that a tyrannical government can restrict is political. They must appear to be fair. Voters must believe their votes count for something. That they have some say in their own country.

Voters no longer have a real voice in their governance. The Republicans and Democrats have - over time - been able to keep We the People out of their conventions. They've been able to get us to pay for their farcical primary elections and ridiculously expensive week long parties, which they call conventions.

Don't get me wrong, the Libertarian Party's Convention is fun - we just have to pay for it ourselves.

The good news for the revolution is that the Libertarian Party is still as grassroots of a political organization as it was when Ron Paul ran for our ticket just twenty years ago. Talk about political pioneers. We were Ron Paul supporters long before it was cool :)

At our national convention, we write our platform, we amend our bylaws, we elect our officers, and most importantly, we elect our Presidential candidate. It doesn't cost a dime to be a delegate, but please purchase one of the event packages which entitle you to various dinner and speaker events (remember: we don't have tax dollars to pay for our convention).

Contact your state party about their unique process for becoming a delegate.

It is essential that the victims of 9/11 have a Presidential candidate worth their vote.

It is essential that the NYFD have a Presidential candidate worth their votes.

The Republicans have already defeated Ron Paul with their front-biased (you could say crooked) primary process. The Democrats have done the same thing to candidates like Kucinich and Gravel. But, it's probably just a coincidence that both parties each excluded their only candidates who were opposed to both the police state of the Patriot Act and the unnecessary War in - and continued occupation of - Iraq.

The Libertarian Party is the last best hope for a peaceful political change in this country.

We must have a Presidential candidate who stands for Truth, Justice, and Liberty.

See you at the Convention.

In liberty, with eternal vigilance,

Jim Duensing

2004, 2006, and 2008 Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Congress
State Chair Libertarian Party of Nevada